Allie & Matt Wedding at St. Pete Country Club

The sky opened minutes after a beautiful Wedding ceremony, the rain had waited for Allie & Matt.  The nicest couple you can imagine met while working at Disney World which remains their second love, so much that they will Honeymoon at the Magic Kingdom. The reception was a fun mixture designed with their guests in mind. Great food, dancing, the “Newly Wed Game” and our Venice Photo Booth.  The images are now up for free download CLICK HERE 


Beca & Dan Wedding @ Mid Century Style venue

If two young architects get married in Sarasota guess what they would pick as their venue? The South Gate Center , a spectacular mid-century modern building, designed by the well-known architect Victor Lundy of the Sarasota School of Architecture. We were surprised by the simplicity, functionality and beauty of the building and how the surrounding nature is brought in through the two glass sidewalls

Beca & Dan added their personal touch to the wedding,  not only with the colors of night blue, silver and gold and the moon symbol. They also showed their respect and love to their parents by having their special dances  with them first, before their first dance as husband and wife.

Later in the evening the bride and groom had a ceremony sharing a heart shaped Donut.
which were presented on a cute “Heart Donut Buffet”. We could not resist sampling one.

Our Venice Photo Booth was visited by each and every guest, including all the Grandparents, which is always fun to see.  The photos are available for free download or online order of prints. Please CLICK HERE  and enter the password we provided. Have fun!



Victoria And Jacks Perfect Wedding Day

A perfect day and the perfect couple. Happy, attractive and without pretense describes Bride Victoria and Groom Jack. They had no fear in our Venice Photo Booth, it was all about fun for them and their guests who made full use of our extensive prop collection and posed with some very unique faces. Heron Creek Golf and Country Club was the perfect venue for a ceremony on the lawn and reception in the ballroom. It was high energy all evening.
Guests are welcome to click on the link below, enter the password and see exactly what we are talking about when we say “no fear”. You are also welcome to download high quality copies to share or print. It’s free! 


David & Robin’s Wedding at the Tampa Florida Aquarium

David & Robin chose a cute penguin couple as the logo for their wedding day at the Tampa Florida Aquarium. The ceremony took place in front of one of the large aquarium tanks so, not only were their vows witnessed by friends and family but sharks, stingrays and a variety of other fish as well.
Guests had fun in our Venice Photo Booth as each and every one of them had one or more photo sessions, Katja pasted copies of those photo strips in a memory album and guests congratulated the newlyweds in writing next to those photos.
All this took place while Black Tie DJ’s from Sarasota kept the dance floor moving.
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