Will & Jada’s Wedding – Siesta Key, FL

It was such a pleasure to be part of Will & Jada’s special day. They got married on a beautiful property on Siesta Key over looking the water. The weather was perfect, cool with a slight breeze coming off the water. We had our LED Inflatable lighting up the night, the Bird Tribe band @officialbirdtribe had the dance floor rocking and Sarasota Catering Company @SarasotaCatering was serving up the goods. So blessed to get to do what we do with so many awesome people!!!

Hulaween Music Festival 2018 – Saturday

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (www.venicephotobooth.com)

Our LED Inflatable Photo Booth were the perfect addition to Hulaween! I mean, it is a Halloween music festival, so everyone is already all dressed up and ready to party. We really didn’t even need props, but come on, we brought them anyway!

Once people realized who we were and what we were doing, the Photo Booth’s became a very popular place to meet and get some portraits with friends new and old. And once that sun went down, the photo booth really came alive! It’s hard to ignore an 8ft inflatable LED party cube at a music festival. We even had two smoke machines and party lights marking the spot.

We couldn’t be more excited for this year! We have some new features this year everyone is going to love. We have added a GLAM filter option to take those portraits to the next level. We are also adding in free animated GIF’s for every session sent right to your phone, perfect for your social posts! And of course, all images, templates and GIFS taken in the Photo Booth will be available for free downloads after the Festival! If you haven’t gotten yours images from last year, check out our gallery section for the Hulaween Links.

If you don’t already have your tickets, hurry up, you don’t want to miss this experience. For the rest of you, we will be seeing you soon! Hulaween October 24th through the 27th!

Hulaween Music Festival 2018 – Friday

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (www.venicephotobooth.com)

We are so excited to announce our return to the Hulaween Music Festival in Live Oak, FL!!!

Last year we had the opportunity to bring our LED Inflatable Photo booth’s to the Hulaween and what an amazing time it was. We have been longing for this festival for years and finally made it a priority to make the trip up the Suwanee for our very first, and certainly, not last, Hulaween experience.

Megan and I have been to music festivals all over this beautiful country of ours and we can honestly say, Hulaween is nothing like any of them. The festival site is absolutely gorgeous, real Florida living. But more than that, is the vibe, or spirit. Guess that’s why the call it the Spirit of Suwanee. so many amazing and creative people converging in one place for an unforgettable time. The art and design of the grounds will alone keep you busy as you traverse the land and take it all in. Then there is the music! Five stages of all our favorite music going to all hours of the night. That is when things get a little interesting… and that’s when people start to stumble upon our Festival Photo Booth! This is Part I of IV celebrating our first Hulaween.

If you don’t already have your tickets, hurry up, you don’t want to miss this experience. For the rest of you, we will be seeing you soon! Hulaween October 24th through the 27th!

Brianna and Matthew’s Wedding – Englewood, FL

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (www.venicephotobooth.com)

We couldn’t have been more excited to help Brianna and Matthew celebrate their love and life together in one of our favorite seacoast towns. Englewood is like a second home to us. Brianna had requested our Lollipop Mirror Booth and we brought our full arsenal of props with us to help create some memories that will never be forgotten. Honestly, there is just no other way to capture these moments. You wedding photographer isn’t going to do it. Your guests aren’t getting these feels on their Iphones. It’s all about the photo booth! Something about our booths just get people to open up and relax. Maybe it’s us? Or maybe it’s the alcohol? Or maybe it’s just somewhere in the middle, lol.

Either way, we bring the fun. We keep your guests engaged and entertained the entire time we are there. Everyone is taking home tangible memories. And whether those tangible memories go on your fridge or in a drawer somewhere, at some point that photo strip will resurface, and all those stored away and forgotten about memories will come flooding back into your memory causing you uncontrollable smiles and some occasional bursts of laughter.

These guys did not disappoint, everyone brought their A game. Poses were on point, creativity was at an all time high and the night was just magic. Truly one of the best booth sessions we’ve had, from start to finish, everyone was just killing it. So much fun!

Hayden’s Sweet 16 Party at The Retreat Country Club East, Sarasota, FL

This days adventures brought us up to The Retreat Country Club in Sarasota, FL to celebrate Hayden’s Sweet 16! We were excited for this one because it was our first time teaming up with our good friend Dave Brown and First Class Events, www.First-Classevents.com.

The party was pool side and we were treated to a beautiful sunset to start off the evening. First Class got things moving on the dance floor and Venice Photo Booth supplied the pool side entertainment.

Hayden had chosen our White Traditional Enclosed Booth with white curtain, can’t go wrong with all white! Our traditional booth’s come with wrap a round curtains and 2 adjustable swivel chairs to keep things intimate and private. You can also “comfortably” squeeze in another two or three in the back. Of course, we can always pull back the curtain to fit as many as 16. I only say 16 because that is the current record of faces in a Venice Photo Booth image, I’m confident that record will be broken soon, but remember it only counts if we can see your face!

Lucy’s Bat Mitzah, Temple Emanu-El, Sarasota, FL

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (www.venicephotobooth.com)

This day’s adventures brought us up to Sarasota’s Temple Emanu-El for Lucy’s Bat Mitzah! Lucy had requested our LED Inflatable Booth for her celebration and we couldn’t have been happier to accommodate her request! Our Inflatable was made for these events. Well, it’s really made for all event’s, but the kids LOVE the inflatable. With over 70 color modes, our inflatable will light up the night and draw in quests from across the room.

The temple was beautifully decorated and the room was transformed into a celebration of Lucy’s life, complete with an awesome slideshow. They had all sorts of activities and games and even a caricaturist, everyone was playing and dancing the night away. Good times had by all!