Our Booths

All Photo Booths are not created equal…

Not a homemade creation or a camera on a tripod with a pipe and drape. Our booths are the real deal. Each was special ordered and custom designed for us by one of the top photo booth manufactures in the US.

Every Venice Photo Booth comes equipped with a Canon Rebel Camera and a Lenovo Computer loaded with the latest generation of software. You see yourself and operate the booth on a 21” touch screen. Our printer costs as much as some of our competitors entire booths cost because it prints laminated, smudge proof photos like those you get at a photo lab. No waiting time for the print to dry.

All of this comes in an attractive Photo Booth enclosure that can adapt to what you want, enclosed or stand alone open air. Venice Photo Booth is proud to display pictures of our booth on line.

All Photo Booth Service is Not Equal either….

We say “2 hours of operation”, others say “2 hour event”. The difference is we only count the time the booth is actually operating while others count the time they are at the event. Shutting down for toasts, speeches or a first dance is not considered “operating time” with a Venice Photo Booth.

Guest receive their prints immediately and at the end of the event we give you a DVD with all of the image files and your guests are welcome to unlimited on line downloads of high quality image files for one full year. No additional charge!

Last But Not least is Insurance….

Venice Photo Booth is owned and operated by Soul Shine Entertainment LLC, a fully insured Florida entertainment service with a Business licence.

We celebrate that wonderful beach town, Venice Florida by giving our primary Photo Booth its name. The wraparound curtain allows a private atmosphere for a couple but can allow more than 8 to squeeze in for some great fun (see our photos). Extremely reliable, our Venice Photo Booth has been our primary booth sense we started our business and it has never let us down. Laid back but elegant the Venice Photo Booth was made specifically for us. This is a real photo booth with an 8 mega pixel Cannon camera, built in 21” flat screen, a truly professional grade photo printer and an internal computer with some of the best software in the industry.

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