Weddings of Venice Expo

As a member of Weddings of Venice, we always look forward to our annual Expo!  We just love expo’s.  We get to see all our fellow vendor friends and get to know some of the new vendors as well.  Plus, we get to meet all the beautiful bride to be’s and show off all our awesome Photo Booth’s and props.  This time we had a couple local celebrities hosting the event which was a lot of fun.  They greeted some fans and got their photos taken in the booth.  Good times were had, great prizes were won and we booked some excited weddings we get to look forward to.  We are already planning for next year!

McNeal PTO Lakewood Ranch,FL

If we didn’t know any better we would have assumed that PTO stood for Party Time Only with this Crew! We came together with some amazing parents and teachers at the McNeal PTO annual fundraiser at the Polo Grill on Main Street.  Everyone met with great intent on raising some serious funds for their local community school and it was a huge success. What a fun night full of music, home-made cookies & smiling faces. I am still always amazed at how much a “preferred parking spot” goes for at these things.  It is the hottest item on the the auction block every time & so easily validated to go to helping out the school.  A Big cheers to everyone in the education system who dedicates their lives to our children, from all of us parents out there, a million thanks!

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