Englewood Waterfest 2019

Back at Englewood Waterfest for the second straight year! What a great event, there is just nothing else like it. These boats and their crews are just amazing and the races are intense. We were set up in the Conservation Tent with Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium and Friends of Stump Pass and had a wonderful time meeting all our local conservationists and festival goers. We had our LED Inflatable Booth all set up and rocking for the weekend. This event comes and goes way too fast, already looking forward to next year!

Elements Massage Holiday Open House

I was so excited to get the call from Cheryl about this years Open House Holiday Party! I had so much fun helping Elements Massage take their Holidays to the next level. It’s open to all the clients, but let’s be honest, it’s the staff that steals the show here! No room filled with pizza on a giant hotplate this year but the snacks were on point! I had so many cookies, I wish I could remember the name of the cookie shop they came from because they deserve the credit. Maybe I’ll find out and link them here in an update.

They choose our Open Air Lollipop Mirror Booth and silver shimmery background. Great choice! They beauty of this set up is that I can make it big or really small when we have a tight area to work in, which just happened to be the case here. I also made sure to switch up the prop selection from last year to give some fresh options. Also, there was a slight issue with a certain somebody getting the handcuffs stuck on for about 20 minutes last year, so I left those home this year, lol.

Good times with a great staff. Thanks Cheryl, I’m already looking forward to next year!

UNITE Community Networking Event, COLAB shared workspace, Venice, FL

We had a great night out networking with all these lovely people in our community. Co-Lab shared work space is a great way to get involve with other like minded individuals who have similar goals, supporting local business! The offer a super modern work space and a Venice Island address for your business for a super low cost. The totally renovated historic building is fresh and fun & so is everyone involved. Venice Florida Weekly had their had in throwing this mixer and you can tell. Andres from The Sign Shop is the man with the master plan behind the Col-Lab and is uniting a younger business crowd & providing a place for all of us. Spin it Again DJ was out all night with an excellent mix of tunes & Main Menu Food Truck was there serving tasty treats, we highly recommend adding either of these vendors to your party to kick it up a notch, paired with one of our Venice Photo Booths and it’s sure to be remembered by all. Just a few of the awesome people we met last night:

Kurt Dwyer @ Burnett Painting, Christinga Naletko @ Florida Weekly Digital, Andrew Kirkwood @ All Aspects Plumbing, Judy Braham @ Gulfcoast Women in Networking, Erin Lilly @ Venice Area Chamber of Commerce, Mary Carol @ Creative, Jackie Dean @ Silverlight Insurance, Don McCauley @ MCCE Healthcare, Cynthia Wickson @ Sotheby’s, Christina McCauley @ Habitat for Humanity, there were so many more involved as well.

Hulaween Music Festival 2018 – Saturday

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (www.venicephotobooth.com)

Our LED Inflatable Photo Booth were the perfect addition to Hulaween! I mean, it is a Halloween music festival, so everyone is already all dressed up and ready to party. We really didn’t even need props, but come on, we brought them anyway!

Once people realized who we were and what we were doing, the Photo Booth’s became a very popular place to meet and get some portraits with friends new and old. And once that sun went down, the photo booth really came alive! It’s hard to ignore an 8ft inflatable LED party cube at a music festival. We even had two smoke machines and party lights marking the spot.

We couldn’t be more excited for this year! We have some new features this year everyone is going to love. We have added a GLAM filter option to take those portraits to the next level. We are also adding in free animated GIF’s for every session sent right to your phone, perfect for your social posts! And of course, all images, templates and GIFS taken in the Photo Booth will be available for free downloads after the Festival! If you haven’t gotten yours images from last year, check out our gallery section for the Hulaween Links.

If you don’t already have your tickets, hurry up, you don’t want to miss this experience. For the rest of you, we will be seeing you soon! Hulaween October 24th through the 27th!

Hulaween Music Festival 2018 – Friday

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (www.venicephotobooth.com)

We are so excited to announce our return to the Hulaween Music Festival in Live Oak, FL!!!

Last year we had the opportunity to bring our LED Inflatable Photo booth’s to the Hulaween and what an amazing time it was. We have been longing for this festival for years and finally made it a priority to make the trip up the Suwanee for our very first, and certainly, not last, Hulaween experience.

Megan and I have been to music festivals all over this beautiful country of ours and we can honestly say, Hulaween is nothing like any of them. The festival site is absolutely gorgeous, real Florida living. But more than that, is the vibe, or spirit. Guess that’s why the call it the Spirit of Suwanee. so many amazing and creative people converging in one place for an unforgettable time. The art and design of the grounds will alone keep you busy as you traverse the land and take it all in. Then there is the music! Five stages of all our favorite music going to all hours of the night. That is when things get a little interesting… and that’s when people start to stumble upon our Festival Photo Booth! This is Part I of IV celebrating our first Hulaween.

If you don’t already have your tickets, hurry up, you don’t want to miss this experience. For the rest of you, we will be seeing you soon! Hulaween October 24th through the 27th!

Nike Event, Sarasota, FL

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (www.venicephotobooth.com)

I can’t tell you how excited for this one we were! I mean, it’s Nike! In a Mansion! In Sarasota! Nike was throwing this party to show the love and appreciation they have for the people that make their company move! We were on Double Duty this day running our photo booth and catching all the action as roaming photographers for the day. They requested our Lollipop Mirror Booth and had us set up on the second floor right next to the balcony looking out at the Gulf. What a view. What a sunset.

3 Lamborghini’s, ice cream hut, portable basketball court, complete with 3 point tournament, carnival games, corn hole and topped off with fireworks. Pretty good day at the office!

Did someone say Carnival Pig Roast…. Say no more!

Enjoy a little privacy with our traditional enclosed photo booth with any one of our plush velvet curtains in a multitude of colors. Worried it may not fit the whole group at time? Check out the pictures above to see how we can open up the curtain instantly turning it into an open air booth that will fit the whole crew!