Brianna and Matthew’s Wedding – Englewood, FL

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (

We couldn’t have been more excited to help Brianna and Matthew celebrate their love and life together in one of our favorite seacoast towns. Englewood is like a second home to us. Brianna had requested our Lollipop Mirror Booth and we brought our full arsenal of props with us to help create some memories that will never be forgotten. Honestly, there is just no other way to capture these moments. You wedding photographer isn’t going to do it. Your guests aren’t getting these feels on their Iphones. It’s all about the photo booth! Something about our booths just get people to open up and relax. Maybe it’s us? Or maybe it’s the alcohol? Or maybe it’s just somewhere in the middle, lol.

Either way, we bring the fun. We keep your guests engaged and entertained the entire time we are there. Everyone is taking home tangible memories. And whether those tangible memories go on your fridge or in a drawer somewhere, at some point that photo strip will resurface, and all those stored away and forgotten about memories will come flooding back into your memory causing you uncontrollable smiles and some occasional bursts of laughter.

These guys did not disappoint, everyone brought their A game. Poses were on point, creativity was at an all time high and the night was just magic. Truly one of the best booth sessions we’ve had, from start to finish, everyone was just killing it. So much fun!

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