Hayden’s Sweet 16 Party at The Retreat Country Club East, Sarasota, FL

This days adventures brought us up to The Retreat Country Club in Sarasota, FL to celebrate Hayden’s Sweet 16! We were excited for this one because it was our first time teaming up with our good friend Dave Brown and First Class Events, www.First-Classevents.com.

The party was pool side and we were treated to a beautiful sunset to start off the evening. First Class got things moving on the dance floor and Venice Photo Booth supplied the pool side entertainment.

Hayden had chosen our White Traditional Enclosed Booth with white curtain, can’t go wrong with all white! Our traditional booth’s come with wrap a round curtains and 2 adjustable swivel chairs to keep things intimate and private. You can also “comfortably” squeeze in another two or three in the back. Of course, we can always pull back the curtain to fit as many as 16. I only say 16 because that is the current record of faces in a Venice Photo Booth image, I’m confident that record will be broken soon, but remember it only counts if we can see your face!

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