North Port XC Invitational

Photo by: Venice Photo Booth (

I almost forgot how many great images came out of this event. What fun. This was our very first Inflatable LED event! It worked out so well. We arrived under the cover of darkness, one of the few morning events we get each year, and waited patiently for the coffee truck to set up, lol.

We were extra excited for this one because we finally got to use our brand new LED Inflatable Photo Booth for the very first time. It was awesome! Wondering how many people can fit into one of our LED inflatables? The answer is… ALOT! The record is 16 faces. If we can’t see your face, it doesn’t count. Sorry, not sorry! #squadgoals⠀

Our LED Inflatable Photo Booth is a big hit with all occasions! Inside, outside, daytime, nighttime, wedding, party or cooperate. Take your event to the next level and give them all something to talk about!⠀

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