Christmas Party at the Hyatt

This is the second year Venice Photo Booth was invited to this corporate Holiday Party hosted by The Hyatt Regency in Sarasota. They, once again, impressed everyone with the soiree they provided for each and every employee who wished to attend, and many did take them up on it. A bunch also took the opportunity to get in our photobooth, some several times. The Hyatt provided us with two 6” tables which we covered with our usual, unequaled, selection of props plus a bunch of Holiday props to help everyone get into the holiday mood. Some guests posed as Reindeers, and Santas while others choose to be Supermodels, Superstars, and Cops, Gangsters or a variety of other characters. 

Guests are welcome to click HERE to see what everyone did in the Venice Photo Booth and download high quality copies to print and share.  Don’t forget to thank the boss because it’s free!134721135023

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