Wedding of Ashlee and Michael at Chelsea Center

Thank you for having Venice Photobooth at your fun Wedding. Everyone had a great time. Posted below is a selection of fun Photostrips from last night.

Here is the password protected link for the free download of all images. Enjoy, share and “Like” us on Facebook.

Download Instructions: Once you enter the password, click on any image you would like to download – open it, than hover your cursor over the image Go to  ”File” and choose “Download”. If you have problems with the password or log in send us an email. Please keep in mind that could be different with another browser!


Venice Photobooth  (460)


101568-double strip with editable text 101684-double strip with editable text 101688-double strip with editable text 101708-double strip with editable text 101820-double strip with editable text 101840-double strip with editable text 101844-double strip with editable text 101904-double strip with editable text Venice Photobooth  (80) Venice Photobooth  (319)

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